For Interfish sustainability is key in the development of our product assortment and production. As a family company we know the importance of long-term. Without good fishing quotes, minimizing the environmental impact of fishing and a low carbon-footprint, we cannot guarantee good catches in the future.


Pulsefishing, Interfish IJmuiden

Fishing quotas and Pulse-fishing

European fishery is governed by the EU and strict fishing quotas in order to ensure growth of the fish populations. Dutch fisheries are also innovating by using Pulse-fishing methods. This method reduces the amount of energy used to catch the fish. These pulse trawling techniques are based on a system that emits short electric pulses on a part of the seabed which makes the muscles of the fish contract, landing them into the fish nets, rather than using a heavy beam that drags a tickler chain across the seabed, and has a higher impact on both the seabed and the fish that are dragged by the beam. For more information on pulse-fishing, please visit


In order to offer sustainable fish outside of Europe, we offer imported products that are MSC-certified. This certificate is recognisable by the blue label. Based on a code of conduct that implies responsable fishing, as drafted by the United Nations. It’s based on 3 basic principles: 1) the condition the (shell)fish or populations must be and stay healthy, 2) the impact of the fishery on the ecosystem should be limited and 3) fisheries management must be well organized, be demonstrably complied with and monitored. For more information on this certificate, please visit

Producing sustainable

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